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June 5, 2007


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Dave’s Garden features a Plant Files database with over 150,000 entries. It also includes a gardening forum.

Plant Conservation Network

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New Zealand Plant Conservation Network
World network links for plant conservation.

June 1, 2007


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An archive of gardening information, including a recipes section.

Some of the recipes include:

Better Than Sex Cake
Halloween History and Pumpkin Recipes
Pomegranate Recipes
Green Grape Pie
Best Lemon Ice Box Pie on Earth

Lemon Recipes
Loquat Jelly Recipes
Sweet Potato Facts and Recipes
Recipes for Eating Acorns and Acorn-Eaters
Apple Recipes
Pear Recipes
Sugarless Recipes
Mrs. Parsons’ Peach Crisp
Cottage Cheese Apple Pie
Blackeyed Peas for New Year’s Day
Dirt Cake
Onion Rings
Herb Vinegar
Mexican Purslane Stuffing
Pyracantha Jelly
Baking/Storing Sweet Potatoes
Green Tomato Recipes
Spinach Soup
Sweet Spinach and Yam Pie

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