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May 31, 2007


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30 slides on Botany from Purdue University.

May 30, 2007

Botany Clipart

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Botany Clipart
Over 25,000 pieces of free clipart.

Cellulose in the Cyanobacteria!

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“Cellulose genes from cyanobacteria shown to be a likely source of genetic material for present day cellulose-producing crops such as trees and cotton.”

flower photography

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May 29, 2007

Flowers for Father’s Day?

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With the holiday approaching, I was wondering how many people send flowers for father’s day and what their experience has been like, especially if they’ve grown them in their own garden.

May 24, 2007

Room to Improve

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Q. I’m tired of granite countertops. What are some alternatives?
A. It is surprising that most high-end kitchens are finished off with slabs of granite when you consider the multitude of countertop materials available.”

List of alternatives at the New York Times.

May 23, 2007

Hydroponic Gardening

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“Nestled among the many nondescript sheds, metal storage barns, snowy yards of wooden crates, brown cargo containers, bulldozers and pickup trucks, is a little white shed with a bright red strawberry, a yellow sunflower and an orange carrot on the side. Just these alone stick out like a green thumb at McMurdo Station, where everything else is a drab gray, brown, white or institutional minty green…”

Hydrophonic Gardening: Science in Antarctica

An article about a hydroponic greenhouse in which plants grow in water rather than dirt.

May 22, 2007

Yard Art and Handmade Places

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Yard Art and Handmade Places: Extraordinary Expressions of Home
By Jill Nokes, with Pat Jasper

New book to be released October 2007.

“Yard Art and Handmade Places profiles twenty homemakers who have used their yards and gardens to express their sense of individuality, to maintain connections to family and heritage, or even to create sacred spaces for personal and community refreshment and healing.”

Rate My Space

“Do you think you’ve got a flair for decorating? Share your photos with the world and show off your favorite spaces. Just sign in and name your spaces and you’re ready to upload photos! Share with friends, rate your favorites and browse other users’ spaces for inspiration.”

Upload your pictures at Rate My Space.

May 21, 2007

Lighting Up Summer Nights

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[image by tony cenicola]

The New York Times posted a Lighting Up Summer Nights slide show that features several lighting techniques for the home and garden. Among these include stone-shaped candles, Chinese-style lanterns, battery-operated lanterns, L.E.D. lamps and more.

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